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Through The Looking Glass



My personal blog containing articles, photos, videos, etc as seen through my eyes.



The Aviator



The Aviator takes to the skies!!! Home to my virtual airline Cathay Pacific and my Flight Simulator hobby. The Video Vault section contains many aviation documentaries that will be of interest to other flight enthusiasts.



Gecko's Realm



As one of the very first contributors to the open source Mozilla Browser Project, I created this site in 1998 to demonstrate the Gecko Layout Engine which powers Mozilla and its derivatives (Firefox, Thunderbird, etc).



Image Gallery



A large collection of images gathered from various locations.



Shockwave Gallery



A collection of Shockwave animations gathered from various locations.



Web 2000



This site was originally created in early 1998 to promote my IT Consultancy business. It was designed to be viewable with IE 4 and Netscape 4. Since Netscape is no longer producing browsers, large sections of code have become obsolete. The site is still fully functional when viewed using current versions of Internet Explorer.



Led Zeppelin Discography



This was the very first site I designed back in 1996. A tribute to one of the greatest rock bands in history.